Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey!What’s up? Sounds like everyone’s doing well. That’s so sick about Blake. He told me 2 weeks ago he sent his papers in and told me not to tell anyone so I didn’t but I'm so excited for him. Dominicans are so flippin hard to understand. That’s good that dad got my card, I hope he wore the pin ha. Happy fathers day dad! We had an activity at the church Saturday night for father’s day. It was pretty nuts. Some of the clothes of the women wouldn’t have been approved back in AZ but it’s all good ha. The reunion sounded fun. Today we were walking and saw the same movie “A COUPLE OF DICKS” getting filmed again and this time we saw Bruce Willis. He was like 50 feet away and was filming scenes. It was so awesome. My companion got videos and pics but I’m mad, cuz I didn’t have my camera. I heard a funny rumor about Mormons that I've never heard. My companion and I were walking down the street and I heard a lady ask who we were to some man in Spanish. She didn’t think a couple white boys would understand. I heard her, turned around and started talking to her. It was funny she was surprised. We told her we were Mormons and she said, oh you guys don’t believe in gasoline, what else do you not believe it? We just busted up laughing. Its funny the things people say about our church. I thought I had heard it all until then.This week was a good one. We baptized EFREN yesterday! It was so awesome. My companion baptized him this time cuz I baptized Geraldo. It was kinda sad cuz none of his family came to support him but we had members there and youth. It went really well. He’s so humble and has so much faith. We would teach him about the word of wisdom and tithing and would commit him to live them and he always says ill do it cuz I know god wants me to. He doesn’t have a dad that lives in the house and his mom always leaves him and his sisters so he and his older sister provide for the family. They don’t have any money at all but he has so much faith to say “I will pay tithing”. Geraldo calls us from Equador like everyday. We’re gonna get in trouble cuz it costs a ton but oh well we tell him not to call and he does. He is so grateful for us and for changing his life and bringing him into the truth. It wasn’t us, it was the spirit and we are only tools in Gods hands but it is an awesome experience to help out. He is meeting with the missionaries in Equador and his brother is interested in the church. He’s also doing baptisms for the dead this week. I found out last night that I’m staying in Ridgewood. My companion is also ha-ha it’s so weird, but he’s moving to the other Elders apartment and is district leader. I’m getting a new companion in our apartment. It’s pretty cool that were in the same district and branch but different companions now.I’m excited about this next transfer we get or new mission president and we have a few people that I think can get baptized. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already been so lucky to have had 2 baptisms this early. That’s the average per missionary per year so I’ve been blessed. I’ve seen a lot of miracles here and it goes to show this isn’t my work it’s the lords and as long as I work hard people will fall into my path. The last 2 baptisms we got were people that randomly came to English class. It’s been a good tool to teach the gospel. I will send pictures next week of the baptism. I love you all and thanks for your love and support.

Elder Breinholt

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