Thursday, June 11, 2009

March 23, 2009

Hey everyone,

Sounds like last week was fun thanks for rubbing it in ha-ha just kidding it really doesn’t bother me I know that what im doing here is way more important so it’s all good. I gotten no mail for a week and a half kind of sucks but whatever. I HAVE ONE MORE WEEK HERE!! I got my flight plans I leave next Monday the 30th at 830 am. Direct flight to New York kind, I will call at the airport if I have time. This week was super hard but I’ll try to be positive ha. we had to learn lesson 2 in Spanish and teach baptism and the word of wisdom. Really stressful and hard week but it was a relief when my companion and I taught. Our teacher spoke with the lady we taught afterwards and told her she was a convert 10 yrs ago at the age of 12 and as we were teaching her she said she didn’t think she could ever feel what she did when the missionaries first taught her again, but she did. It was a cool experience. L. tom Perry from the 12 also came this week. Once again the room changed dramatically as soon as he walked in, it was so cool. He spoke about the importance of being with your companion all the time and NEVER being alone cuz the world today is corrupt. Living with and learning to deal with a companion is one of the most important things we can learn on a mission. He spoke about the importance of being willing to listen and be taught by your companion. We need to stay humble so we can do this. Learn to serve each other and develop a love for each other. I’ve noticed as I try and serve my companion we get along a lot better, however we get on each other once in a while cuz were together 24/7 which is rough being with a dude that long. In D & C 121:46, it talks about the spirit being our companion. We have a companion the rest of our lives which is the Holy Ghost. We are commanded to always be with our companion. When we have contention that constant companion leaves us. Our companions protect us and help us and when the Holy Ghost leaves us we are not protected. Make sure that as you’re at home, you’re striving to always have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with you. He’s there to protect us and guide us; take advantage of that. His testimony was like thunder it was awesome.We also were able to be a part of the draper temple dedication yesterday. A building here was an extension to the temple for the day and we all participated. It was so cool we got to hear the prophet and 2 apostles speak. We all sang the spirit of god afterwards and the building was shaking. Over 2000 missionaries singing this, try to imagine the spirit. I know the church is true and i'm so excited to finally go teach. I cant wait to get outta here, its nice and everything but I’m ready to leave ha. Thanks for your support I love you all have a good week. Hopefully I can talk to you guys. Be ready around 6-630am cuz were an hour ahead in Utah. Love elder Breinholt

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