Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I'm living the dream" 6-15-2009

I think I might be getting transferred next week so this might be my last week here. My companion and I are just gonna live the dream, cuz one of us is leaving so we went out and bought a gallon of ice cream and tons of things to make shakes. Its gonna be a good week ha. Did you get my pictures I put on the internet last week?This last week was great, but not too much happened. It was some Puerto Rican holiday yesterday which was Nuts! All of Brooklyn was parading in the streets with girls only wearing puertican flags and people going nuts. I was surprised we were allowed out. It was pretty cool to see and in a few weeks is Dominican holiday which is supposed to be just as crazy if not worse. My companion and I built a huge closet for a member that needed our help. Sometimes I think the members here don’t think missionaries do anything. They don’t know how busy we are, but I guess service is good. Not too much of anything else has happened. We've been teaching the 19 yr old kid still, Efren. He’s getting baptized on Sunday we hope. His mom left him and his sisters like a month ago with her boyfriend and then decided to show up last week. She’s been taught before and wanted to get baptized but couldn’t cuz she has a boyfriend and doesn’t want to get married. She likes the church but said she hates baptism. She’s mad cuz she couldn’t get baptized cuz she wants to keep sinning. Kinda retarded? Ya... She doesn’t want him to get baptized but we asked him what he’s gonna do and he said I'm 19, I’m getting baptized. He's hilarious.We had another new investigator come to church that we met on the street. We don’t know what’s up with him yet though. We've been working hard and same with the other Elders in our area but none of us have the greatest pools right now. We have been working a lot with less actives. We're trying to help the old branch president come back to church. He’s been inactive for 6 years now. The work is going good though and we just got to keep working hard. It’s difficult at times it’s all good I love it. I’m starting to put on some weight ha-ha I’m kinda scared cuz I've only been out 3 months and I’m not gonna tell you how much I’ve gained but like I said, I’m just not gonna worry about it, I’m living the dream.We have a zone activity right now so I got to go. Thanks for everything love you, Elder Breinholt

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