Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feb 9, 2009

hello familia,

This week has gone by fast. I'm getting used to the daily routine.It's very long still class is about 12 hours a day and I don't even know how to think anymore for myself I feel like I'm in concentration camp ha but its all good. All we do is eat study and pray. I run everyday in the gym so I 'm losing weight which is good. Today is Monday, p day so we got to go to the temple again it was awesome, we also get to do laundry and email but other than that its the same as every other day. Tuesdays we have devotionals and last weeks was soo good. we got to watch the restoration of Joseph smith movie last night on Sunday and it made me feel terrible. the early saints went through so much so that we could have the gospel and I'm complaining about the MTC. don't worry I repented. I cant wait to get in the field. This is hard and I need to learn the language but its rough. we have 10 elders in our district and 4 of them leave next week to the Guatemalan MTC so there will be 3 of us going to new York including my companion and 3 going to Costa Rica. My district it cool so it helps a lot. We had someone speak at the fireside last week from the 70. the spirit was so strong. he told us stories and of what to do if we get held up at gun point, so don't worry mom I know what to do haha. I also learned that we are given mission calls directly from god to only apostles. He told us how it worked. its so good to know I'm going to New York for a certain reason.. I taught the first lesson with my companion and got reviewed. we did really good surprisingly. He is a cool kid but staying with him non stop gets annoying but we have to learn to love each other. he's just a little slow sometimes but its ok. Its good to hear everyone's doing alright. thanks for sending that package it means so much. I love you all. keep doing what your doing. write letters.

I love you....Elder Breinholt

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