Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chinches, Bed Bugs!! 6-1-09


Well its summer for all you! That’s freaking nuts I still can’t believe it. Everyone in New York graduates in a couple weeks its weird. That’s awesome that an apostle came to Blair's ward. Yeah my companion has been rough to deal with lately. He's a know it all and bugs the crap out of me but surprisingly I haven’t let it get to me too bad. I’ve learned patience with him and learned to bite my tongue. This past week was pretty good. I ate some cow guts with some investigators which was pretty cool. They weren't bad. We had our last interview with president. He leaves in 3 weeks and we get a new one which will be interesting to see what he does with the mission. He's the CEO of Intermountain Health care so I’m guessing he's pretty well off. They were filming a movie today 4 blocks away where we do laundry. It was in some diner and Bruce Willis is in it. Some comedy called a couple of dicks? They’re cops or something but it was cool. MOM, did you get the pictures I put on that website? You never said anything and I did it 2 weeks ago?..... By the way, WE HAVE CHINCHES!!!BED BUGS! It freaking sucks! They’re impossible to get rid of. The other 2 elders are getting their blood sucked like crazy at night and they have these huge bumps all over them. My companion and I don’t have them yet but it’s only a matter of time. Got to love New York ha-ha.This week we found a couple of good investigators and we're trying to tell people we're there from the beginning to baptize them so we don’t have a lot of people waste our time teaching and not wanting to be baptized. We have less people to teach but better ones. We dropped the kid from Equator last week Geraldo cuz he just wouldn’t except our teachings and was moving back to his country. He kept calling us in the beginning of the week but my companion didn’t want to talk to him cuz it was a waste of time. I said we needed to talk to him just so he doesn’t think we were his friends to baptize him and then get a bad view of the church. I decided to keep calling him everyday and show him we're friends. He told us Friday that his leader from his church had come to his house to visit him cuz he hadn’t been to church in 5 weeks cuz he'd been coming to ours. He told his leader everything and his leader showed him a couple ridiculous scriptures fighting our church and said pray. Geraldo called us and told us this and we said our church is the only church that has the authority on the earth. We talked about authority and bore testimony and then he went silent and got sad. He said he was confused again. We told him to forget EVERYTHING he had ever learned and been told from his leaders at his church and forget EVERYTHING we have taught him and just pray and call us back. We got off the phone and my companion and I pray that he would receive an answer. He called us back about an hour later and said he received a peaceful feeling and wants to get baptized. This was seriously a miracle. We didn’t believe it cuz he had always fought us and been ridiculous to deal with. We set a date for next Sunday and came to church yesterday for the 6th time. He's only 17 and has to get approval from his mom to be baptized who lives in Equador and is really involved in his old church. He called her and she said he couldn’t get baptized. My companion and I fasted all day yesterday and we're hoping that she has a change of heart so he can be baptized. He goes back to his country in 3 weeks so we're gonna prepare him as much as we can this week to see if we can baptize him and get his moms permission but if not he'll get baptized in Equador which kinda stinks but its better than nothing. We also had a kid come with us to church for the second week in a row. He’s 19, and his name is Efren. He's a funny little Hispanic. He said he knows the book of Mormon is true and wants to get baptized but wants to be prepared more so we're gonna try to help him prepare as well. It’s going to be a good week. I’m excited to see what happens with Geraldo. Sounds like you guys are all pretty busy at home having a lot of fun. Thanks for everything.

I love you, Elder Breinholt

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  1. Be careful you don't carry those bed bugs to the people who are inviting you into their homes... they'll be much less inviting if you give them a pest problem where they have to spend thousands in decontamination and live out of ziplock bags, throw away upholstered furniture and beds...