Thursday, June 11, 2009

April 27, 2009

Well I can’t believe kirstin is engaged! I knew she would but that’s nuts. She owes me a hundred bucks cuz I bet her she would be before summer. So we definitely skipped over spring here. It’s been raining since I've been here and freezing and then all the sudden the last couple days it got hot. I'm used to the cold and now so its 85 degrees here and I'm dying with the humidity. This last week went by so fast.I just heard about that swine epidemic today it sounds kinda crazy. I guess it’s in our area cuz we work in queens but whatever I’m not worried. I was sick Friday morning and threw up and stuff but I went out and got better. There’s always something crazy I see during the week and the crazy thing this week was pretty crazy. Me and Elder Childs were just walking along the road yesterday minding our own business and this car stops at a stop light, blocks the intersection with his car turned sideways and gets out of his car with another guy, goes to a BMW behind them and starts yelling. I’m standing there 15 feet away wondering what’s going on, then I’m looking for my companion and he’s halfway down the street. I’m like what the heck is going on and I looked at the guy again and he’s got this Huge glock out and so I decided I'd better get out of there too ha-ha it was pretty crazy we thought we were gonna witness a murder from a little road rage or something but nobody got shot. That’s about all I got for stories. But we’ve been really busy this past week.One of our commits dropped cuz she didn’t come to church but the other is still good to go. We've been getting fed like crazy by members. I’m gonna gain weight, I know it. The food is always the same. arroz con pollo. I’ve eaten some weird looking stuff but nothing too bad yet. We had a couple investigators at church. One girl comes every week she just doesn’t feel ready to be baptized she’s super shy it’s hard but were trying to get her to commit. We also had this kid that met with us 4 days in a row last week. He’s fresh from Equador just like everyone else but he was a leader in his church in Equador called the sent. It’s like a knock off of our church from what it sounds like. He wakes up every morning at 5 to read the bible. He says he feels the same spirit in our church that he felt in his. He loves meeting with us and is way interested but it’ll be hard to have him forget about his church and show him that this is the true church. He’s way sweet and we have a couple appointments with him this week. Its hard cuz most people here came here to work and all of them say they’re catholic so we leave them alone but we don’t give up. Most people think all religions are good and we're saved by faith and doing good things. It’s hard to explain there’s more to life and more things that are necessary to return back to god. We're teaching a lot of awesome people.I also have a sweet quarter trick that I do for little kids on the street. Magic is good to use cuz the people love when you’re good with their kids and then we share a message. It works out pretty good. A lot of the missionaries use magic in their lessons which is way cool cuz it keeps everyone’s attention. All I can say about church is be grateful for your wards and the members. It’s a whole other church out here. Nobody wants to serve and basically the missionaries run the branch. People get offended and leave the church for the littlest things. The branch President is an idiot but there’s nobody that can replace him. Just be grateful for your wards and the people cuz you don’t know how good you have it. I love it here and can’t believe it’s already been a month. It went by so fast. 21 more ha-ha I’m not even thinking about that it’s forever away.We're staying busy and learning a ton. I wish I would have studied more before I came out. It would have helped so much.Thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Breinholt

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