Thursday, June 11, 2009

April 20, 2009


Well it’s been a busy week. Sounds like everyone’s doing well at home. That’s crazy prom is this week I just realized school is almost over ha I have lost track of time. Well we have had a really busy week with a full schedule everyday. I got your package this week Thanks so much packages here are the best cuz we need food ha-ha that package was perfect thanks a lot everyone’s pretty jealous. Dad also sent me a card so thanks dad. The weather is ridiculous; it rains a ton and is always windy. But anyways, this week we found more new investigators than anyone did it was pretty crazy. I went on an exchange with the zone leader and we had to teach English class we brought an investigator, with us 30 minutes before class starts at the church and started teaching her the plan of salvation. When class started only one other lady showed up so we decided to keep teaching the plan of salvation. We drew it all up on the board and it was so good. My companion made it easy to understand using analogies and at the end a couple youth came in and bore their testimony cuz they were in the hall. We committed them both for baptism and they both said yes. I’m in the area of Ridgewood and there are 6 Spanish missionaries here so we have it split in 3 different areas. Luckily my companion I was on exchange with is getting the baptism for the investigator he brought and the other is in my area so she’s set for the 10th of May. We might have problems though cuz they have to go to church 3 times before getting baptized and she works on Sundays so we'll figure something out. Shell get baptized some time she’s golden. I and my companion got all our goals this week and more it was awesome. All our handwork the first 2 weeks and no success started to pay off this last week. Opportunities to serve were everywhere. I helped a lady on the street with a big box and she brought us into her appt where there were 3 older ladies. We thought to ourselves CRAP old ladies hate us cuz their all catholic and so set in their ways. We sat down and started talking to them. The lady we helped, her apartment burnt down Christmas Eve and she had it paid off so in New York when it’s paid off they stop paying insurance. She lost everything. She’s been struggling and so I think we can help her. The other 3 ladies ended up loving us for some reason and invited us to come over yesterday to eat it was awesome.I had a lot of cool experiences this week. We gave a couple blessings of comfort which were really cool. A couple weeks ago me and Elder Childs were coming home at night and our neighbors door was open which is right in front of our door about 2 feet and we had never talked to her. We felt prompted to say hi and share a short message. She had us look inside and on her wall was a huge portrait of her son. She told us 2 and half years ago he was thrown off a 5 story building. He was 19 and she doesn’t know how he died other than he was thrown off a building. She was crying and we testified she would see her son again. We have been visiting with her and shared with her family’s forever video and that was 2 weeks ago. This last week we came for an apt and she told us it was the only week she hadn’t cried in 2 years. She felt so at peace and comforted because we shared with her the plan of salvation. It was an awesome experience. We committed her yesterday and she’s gonna get baptized the 17th of May, She would the 10th but is getting surgery. I hope everything goes through with her she’s awesome. We also had a couple investigators at church. One of them is a 14 yr old girl whose sister my companion baptized and we confirmed she comes every week but is sooo shy, were trying to baptize her so we'll see. We also brought a really less active guy to church with us. He has the strongest testimony but fell away for some reason. We did some service for him for a couple hours Saturday and he can help out the branch so much. We also had a less active family come because we helped them move and they appreciated it so much they promised they’d come and they loved it. It’s really cool to see people come back to the church. The church here is like another country. People we talk to on the streets are constantly telling us, I was a member of your church before but the branch Pres. was taking the tithing money and tons of stuff like that. A few months ago someone from the 70 came and talked to our branch because little things that someone thinks turns into doctrine to them and then if you try to change it people get offended and leave the church. In our branch they said you can’t take the sacrament if you’re not a member. The guy from the 70 came and laid it on them I heard but in a loving way. The branch Pres doesn’t give new converts callings and doesn’t really do his job. The counselors don’t even know what they’re doing it’s so crazy. Things are starting to turn around though. I heard a little bit ago the church was so bad here but it’s completely headed back to where it’s supposed to be. The youth are awesome here. There’s only a few but they’re so sweet. They come on exchanges with us all the time and with out them we'd be in trouble. We’ve been doing family nights with investigators it’s been pretty sweet they love it. I get to call in 3 weeks I'm pretty excited it’s only been 3 weeks but there’s always a lot to talk about. My companion is a good guy but he’s only been out 4 more months than me so there’s not a whole lot to learn from him. Were both learning. He likes to teach most of the lessons so I’m starting to get frustrated cuz I need to learn Spanish so hopefully this week is better. Thanks again for the package. Everything is good here I love it. It’s not easy but it’s fun and interesting. I’m learning a lot that’s for sure. We got done playing soccer Saturday with investigators and members and we leave the park and there’s a brand new BMW M5 on the street totally ruined. The tires were popped, windows bashed, backseat full of gasoline, hood with holes in it. It made me sick I guess a drug deal gone bad. I’m learning a lot of patience with the black kids that have mouths. I wanted to kill one so bad but that’s probably why I came to New York for patience. Its non stop cussing everywhere we go its crazy nobody cares and there’s no modest dressing that’s for sure lots of things you don’t want to see that you do. Everyday is interesting. The other day we were walking along and this guy is sitting outside with these huge Parrots on his fence ill send pictures if I can. People are crazy man this place is wild but it’s awesome. I’m still having bad arch pains so if you can in a few weeks send some good arch supports cuz the ones I've been using are worn down. Thanks for everything have a good week.

Love elder Breinholt

P. S. This is really important and I forgot to tell you. This is kinda a big deal for me. I SHAVED MY HEAD today ha-ha one of the zone leaders elder Rios did it. It’s a number 3. I wish I would have always done it like this it looks so sweet ill take a picture and you’ll see sometime but I love it. Ha-ha just wanted to tell you that cuz it’s pretty wild. Love ya ----

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