Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessed with PATIENCE 5-11-09

Well hey,It was good talking to all you yesterday. I'm glad you had a good mother’s day. Last week was a good week as you know.I've been spending a lot of time with this 17 yr old Geraldo from Equador. We meet with him almost everyday. He was strong catholic for 4 years and then was baptized in the Centi and was a leader for 2 years. It’s been hard to change his beliefs. He told us 2 nights ago that he wants to be able to bear his testimony of this church, and he wants to be able to say he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet. He said he knows it was no coincidence that he saw a paper on the church when walking by 3 weeks ago for english class. He came to english class and we started talking to him about the gospel. He knows he was sent to us for a reason. He’s praying constantly and having a hard time reading the Book of Mormon cuz he’s so into the bible but he’s really looking for an answer. We had a lesson on receiving answers to prayers yesterday so I'm praying he receives one soon. He might move to Equador in a month but I hope not. Maybe he'll receive an answer and get baptized before then? He’s been to church 3 times and goes to all the activities.On Friday we had a mother’s day activity at the church. This branch has a HUGE problem with starting anything on time so they’re trying to change that. They said we would start at 7 Friday night. Me and my companion show up with 3 different investigators and we had a few less actives also show up at 7. The party didn’t end up starting till 840. It was so ridiculous. I was so frustrated cuz by around 730 we had 7 investigators there and they all waited. We had to leave at 915 cuz our curfew at 930 and a couple the investigators that came with us left with us. It was frustrating and I was embarrassed but there’s nothing I can do. One of our new investigators Carlos that we contacted on the train is awesome. He’s a young guy and we left him with a chapter to read last week. He came to the activity on Friday and said he read 10 chapters and promised us he'd read the whole book in a week. He's so sweet. We also have been teaching this one guy Rodriguez. He's struggling in life and needs the gospel bad. We taught him a lesson in an apartment he was living in and as we left he had to leave the keys inside take his laundry bag with all his belongings and we walked him to his car where he is now living. Pretty nuts. It’s hard to find work. We committed him for baptism and he said yes but I don’t think it’s gonna work out cuz he’s a freaking bum ha.Our district leader who is going to be a future apostle leaves home tomorrow and on Friday at district meeting he taught us the most amazing lesson on Your Calling and Election made sure. It was ridiculous. I have a different outlook on life. Anyone who wants to read talks on how to make your calling and election made sure. It’s basically ways to eventually receive a witness in this life that you will go to the celestial kingdom. It’s not easy but it’s a lifelong journey. Nothing too crazy happened this past week. No crazy stories. I’m staying here for another transfer at least with my companion. He’s cool but I really hope a switch next transfer cuz he’s starting to drive me nuts. Great missionary but I want to be with a companion that knows what he’s doing and that can teach me everything he knows so I can be a better missionary. I have to teach my companion a lot and he’s really difficult in many ways but I’m being blessed with PATIENCE Ha-ha it’s all good I love him. Thanks for everything and I love you all.

Love elder Breinholt

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