Thursday, June 11, 2009

May 4, 2009


Well mom sounds like your pretty crazy about this swine flu thing. I don’t really care about it. That’s crazy they closed a school in chandler. I guess we don’t really see the news so it doesn’t affect us. I saw it on in an investigators house and they closed the school that’s about 200 meters from our house? Basically the distance from our house to Greenfield elementary. Ha-ha it’s really close but president hasn’t said anything to us so it’ll be fine.I would like if you could buy some good arch supports and send them in a few weeks or next time you can. I don’t have a bunch of money or even time for that. And the magic tricks whenever too. Not books just easy cool little tricks is all.But I was planning on calling around 7 here next Sunday cuz I figured dad would be at church and all that stuff so ill try 730 which is 430 your time I believe. I’m pretty excited to call I’ve just got to figure out how I'm gonna do it and make sure there’s money on the account cuz I know I have to use a calling card. That’s awesome Robby bore his testimony. I was gonna yesterday but we ran out of time. My Spanish isn’t quite there yet anyway so I guess next month. Cory buzzed his head too? Ha-ha I did again today cuz it was getting too long. It’s a 3 on the sides and 4 on top so you know how it looks. I love it. Any Ways this past week was sweet. The Millers sent me a big package with tons of good stuff. It made my week.Not really any crazy stories. The supervisor of our apartment lives on the first floor and she got in a huge fight with her sons girlfriend. They were ripping out each others hair and saying a lot of colorful words which is normal. All they do is sit outside and smoke weed. We get high every time we walk into our building basically jk, but its nuts.We're teaching a lot of people right now. Not sure if anyone’s too close yet. Its hard cuz everyone’s catholic so they feel they need to be prepared to get baptized. We have a couple people that want to be baptized but just more preparation so we'll see. As for our other commit she has cancer and is getting surgery next week so we're not sure what’s going on with her. We have different investigators that have been coming to church with us but they just won’t commit to baptism. One girl is really shy but comes every week and she reads and progresses but every time we commit her for baptism she says she’s not ready. We read scriptures to help her out and testify, but I think it’s because her mom can’t get baptized cuz she works on Sundays or else she would and she’s really close to her mom and doesn’t want to do it with out her. The other kid is really strong in his other church and is really confused cuz of our different beliefs. He knows the bible front to back and it makes it hard to teach people like that but he loves us cuz we're the same age. Hopefully he humbles out.My testimony has grown so much being out here. I’m learning a lot of patience with my companion. Trying to not let the little things bother me. He just does a lot of things different but I just have to learn to deal with it. Transfers are next week but I think ill be staying in the same area. I’m starting to get to know the members a little more which are helping cuz we're starting to get their trust and they’re starting to give us referrals which are like gold. The mission is awesome and there’s no place else that would be better for me. It’s difficult at times but it’s so worth it when you can bear testimony of the truthfulness of the things we teach and feel the spirit teach through you. It’s really an awesome thing. I'll talk to you guys next Sunday around 4-430 your time, I’m so excited. I love you and thanks for all the updates.

Love Elder Breinholt

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