Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feb 16, 2009

hey familia,

I like the family picture it looks good thanks so much for the package. Its almost been 3 weeks, just 6 more. It seems like I've been here forever, but its only just begun. The butt pads you sent were the best thing ever my companion says thanks and he loves you. I haven't gained any weight cuz I've been running and I drink Metamucil so I have normal poops ha-ha. I don't eat junk and run everyday how's the rest of the family at home? I finally hear from Cory but no Robbie? dad, thanks for writing me it was really good and helped to hear that. I am working hard, I'm kind of bummed about being district leader cuz I have meetings now which stinks but oh well. Mom I'm sending you my 4 gig card and send me 2 2gigs. Sundays are the best days we study in the morning and prepare a talk in Spanish cuz each week we are randomly assigned to talk in sacrament so we have a subject to prepare, we then go to priesthood and sacrament, then rest for a couple hours and have a fireside at night then a movie; I love Sundays. We all took an attribute test on the computer and of course the thing I need to work on is patience. I have already been getting better with it but my goal is to be way more patient by the time I get home. I read that being grateful for what you have will help you to be more patient instead of focusing on what's going on and getting frustrated or mad I need to stop and think how grateful I am for everything I have. In doctrine and covenants 78:19 it says we received al things with thankfulness and shall be made glorious and be blessed, last night we had a great devotional and talked about our blessings serving a mission and how it will always bless our live; we heard some good stories. I love Tuesday nights the most cuz we have general authorities come and talk. I'll write a letter about it this week.
I love you all. thanks for everything
Elder D. Breinholt ....

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