Thursday, June 11, 2009

March 9, 2009

hey everyone,

I want to start by saying thanks for all your support and for all the cousins letters. they were awesome. I think everyone thinks I'm in New York already but I'm not for 3 more weeks. I wish I were. I would love to write them all back but I cant with time so tell them how much I appreciate them. This week I got to go into Provo with my companion he might be getting back surgery, a compression fracture to vertebrae but well see. I have 3 more weeks here and its hard but with I good attitude I've learned to love it. I have grown so close to so many people. Tyler is in my zone and 2 doors down from me. I think he was put in my zone for a reason he's struggling really bad. I've been trying to help him but I don't know all I can do is pray. His companion got sent home this week and that was hard on him , pray for him and write him or something. I've learned a lot this week. We had the opportunity to hear from Yoshihiko Kikuchi from the first quorum of the seventy it was such a powerful talk , he's awesome. He spoke on repentance and as we serve the lord we get closer to him the more we serve god we will receive cleanliness , as we continually serve the lord our tears and sins can become patched together as one again. A s we read the B.O.M everyday, we are promised the spirit of the lord. He also promised us some pretty cool things. We also had a devotional on the spirit of the lord and as we try to listen to the spirit and recognize the language of the lord we will realize how much the spirit whispers to us. When we learn this the lord will speak to us more and more. I have learned I need to forget about myself cuz this is the lords work. Its been really hard with everything but I'm trying to be obedient and work hard. Yesterday in priesthood we talked for an hour on priesthood blessings our branch president is problem the most amazing guy I've ever met. He told us of all these crazy miracles because of priesthood blessings and how to speak thought the spirit , I learned sooo much. He talks to all the apostles and has received blessings from many of them. His stories are so amazing. Don't ever be scared of asking for a priesthood blessing sometimes things happen because Heavenly Father wants us to not forget about the power of priesthood blessings. Its good to hear everything is well at home. Thanks for your letters mom dad and Cory I loved them. mom, I cant read your handwriting ha-ha and I sent that memory card a few weeks ago so just send new ones? I love you all and thanks for everything.

Elder D. Breinholt -----

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