Monday, July 20, 2009


Familia,Not a whole lot happened this week. We met our new mission president and his wife. They are really cool and already know everything about me; I guess they’ve memorized everyone’s papers for the mission. It was a hard week for all of us in Ridgewood. We worked and worked and for some reason it was so hard to hit the goals. Nobody did and for the first time since I’ve been here we didn’t have new investigators at church. Its ok we’ve got next week. All our neighbors in our building have been telling us that the cops were going around the building at 3 in the morning one night this week and were looking for us. They said 2 missionaries had disappeared and went to every door in the building. I guess they pounded on our door for a long time, but none of us heard it; ha kinda weird. We don’t know what they wanted cuz none of us were missing.We've been teaching a lot of new people this week. Walking around talking with people like crazy trying to get new investigators. We taught some really good people but they don’t have cell phones so we try and stop by and its hard because people are never home. We had a 4th of July party/barbecue at the church on Saturday. We played basket ball and stuff. It was a nice change for a couple hours. We also went on the roof when we got home later in the night and watched fireworks go off everywhere all over the city and in Manhattan. I'm glad I got to see fireworks or it would have been a lame 4th of July. It wasn’t that crazy during the day because everyone that lives here is from a different country so there’s not too much U.S pride. It was just an excuse to get drunk here and light fireworks. That’s about all I saw. It would be nice to be on the beach in Mexico lighting my own fireworks but only 2 more years! Everything’s going good here. We're just trying to find people to baptize. Geraldo who I baptized is baptizing his friend in Ecuador in a week and got the priesthood yesterday. He always calls to see how everything’s going. I hope you all have fun in Mexico. I love you and have a good week, Love Elder Breinholt

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