Monday, July 20, 2009


FAMILIA,Well sounds like everything’s awesome. I got a lot of good emails today so it’s all great to hear. Yeah dad’s nuts buying a new boat but he’s always got to be buying something, it wouldn’t be dad if he didn’t. So you’re all going to Mexico again? Find me a good wife and bring her back k? It’s all about the Spanish girl’s ha-ha. Anyways, how was the temple? Barney emailed me and it sounded like a good time. It’s so good they went through the temple. I don’t have any stash of t-shirts and I haven’t received Kristin’s package unless it was the 4th of July one that I told Craig I got? I’m excited for the package you sent ill probably gets it Wednesday. Tell karlyn thanks for the email.This week was really great. I got my new companion on Tuesday. His name is Elder Vargas and he’s from Texas. He spoke Spanish before his mission because his dad is from Peru and mom from Mexico but he’s white. He’s very prideful because he already speaks and his grammar stinks but whatever ha. He is a freaking sleazy salesman ha-ha. Mission president told me he’s a smooth talker but that was an under statement. He try’s to sell people on getting baptized instead of testifying with the spirit but he does teach pretty well other than that. We all get along so it’s all good. Just a little different because I like to do things fast and rush to appointments but the others like to take their time. It takes a little longer to do things with 3 of us but we're an army it’s awesome. WE had a great week though. We taught a lot of appointments and are trying to just commit everyone no matter what first lesson. We got a commit from a lady named Dulce, which means candy in english ha and she’s from Dominican Republic. Don’t know how serious she is. She said yes to our invitation of baptism because the spirit was so strong but often times when we leave the spirit can’t stay with the people and so they go back to normal. WE have a lot of progressing investigators right now and had 4 new investigators come to church yesterday. It was so awesome.This lady named Carolina and her sister Rosa from Guatemala are way good. WE knocked into their door a couple weeks ago and only some guy was home. We shared a short a short message and asked if we could come in and share more. People never let us in but this guy did. We shared a short message and came back to see how he was a couple days later. Some lady answered the door and we told her we taught some guy there and so she let us in and we taught her. Well, a couple days later we went by to see if either of them were home and another lady answered the door, and she let us in. While we were talking about the restoration of the gospel the mother walked in and listened. The next time we went this lady Carolina had written paragraphs to some questions in the restoration pamphlet we gave her. We went over and had lunch with the family Saturday. They fried up some huge fish, with head, tail, and everything and flopped it on my plate. As you know I hate sea food let alone a fish staring me in the eye with his eye but I ate it. I also ate cow hoof soup this week at another investigators house ha-ha rough week with eating. But Carolina and her sister came to church with us. They are prepared by the lord. They have a lot of questions but they’re so good. WE have a lot of awesome things going on right now. The work is hard sometimes but we’ve been blessed this last week. It’s all because we tried to have the best attitude for the new elder and honestly that makes ALL the difference. You have success when you have a good attitude. It’s hard at times but it’s all that matters. Another really cool younger couple came to church and I think they liked it a lot, I was surprised they came. I’m excited to see what happens with our investigators this week. Geraldo, who I baptized, baptized his friend Saturday and he called me after saying it was the coolest experience ever and thanking me for everything, it was nice to hear. His mom went to watch the baptism and she said she felt the spirit so strong. She thinks our church is the devils but she has a different outlook on the church now which is really good. That kid will baptize so many people in Ecuador. Thanks for everything, all your prayers and support, I love you and pray for you daily too. Love, Elder Breinholt

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