Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello,Hey that’s cool that Barney is going to the temple. I wrote him a letter a couple weeks ago; tell him to write me back. The rain finally stopped and its just heat but it still isn’t horrible. We’ve been lucky. There hasn’t been this much rain here in a long long time I guess so I came to New York a good year. This last week went really well. My companion and I taught a lot of lessons and got a few new investigators. A couple of them are really good so hopefully they keep progressing. We brought one of our good investigators to a family's house in the branch. The investigator is from Ecuador and has been here for a short time without his family and has been having a hard time with that. We decided to take him to this other family's house because the dad did the same thing; he came from Ecuador and was here alone for 9 years till he saved enough money to send his family. We thought he could give our investigator some good advice about how he was baptized while he was here alone and how it really helped him. It didn’t go like that, it went pretty terrible. The member was negative and tried to argue everything. We left pretty disappointed and our investigator was really frustrated, but it’s all good. Well my companion and I got home Friday night and the zone leaders told us we needed to call the Assistants to the president. We were kinda freaking out cuz it was weird that they would call and tell the zone leaders for us to call them. We called the assistants and they told us that we are getting a new companion! Some missionary from the California mission was getting sent to our mission and is going to be a 3 some with us. We get him tomorrow at zone conference and he’s gonna be with us for 3 weeks. We don’t have enough room in our apt for another bed and study desk or room for him to put his stuff. Its gonna be nuts. You don’t get sent to another mission unless you do something really, really bad. They sent one elder from this mission to Texas a year ago cuz he wouldn’t stop stealing missionary’s cameras and stuff and was lying about it. You can get in fights, kiss girls, whatever, and just get sent to another area in the mission but to get sent to another mission is nuts so its gonna be very interesting the next few weeks. I just want to know why they decided to put him with us, out of 200 missionaries why us? Church yesterday was a little weird. About 100 of the members went to a trip to Cumorah on Friday till Sunday night to see the pageant. We usually don’t even have a hundred members attend sacrament meeting so I don’t know who all went but we were worried nobody would be at church. There ended up being around 45 or so people at church which was a big surprise but the missionaries taught all the classes. Last week we had interviews with the new mission president. He’s way cool and he’s gonna try and make this mission a baptizing mission just like every new mission president but its cool, this mission needs it. He's pretty funny and his wife is the strict one who’s gonna change the mission oh, it’s gonna be interesting to see the changes they make. Everything is going great. We're working hard and are seeing some good things right now in the work. It’s good to hear everything is well at home. I love you all and thanks for the support. Have a good week, Love-Elder Breinholt

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