Monday, November 16, 2009

October 5, 2009

Hey everyone,How’s it going? The companion I had in the baptismal picture is Elder Oaks and the other red hair guy is not a companion just in my zone. I need to start taking more pictures. I haven’t been taking much. So how was the birthday? What’d you get? I cant believe Josh Brimhall is coming here? Are you kidding me? This last week was a good week. Our numbers weren't too great but we talked to people like crazy. We have been talking to every Hispanic person we find, it’s just difficult to get a lot of lessons because we have to travel so far to get to the Spanish people. They’re in little pockets in the city so we're trying to find the pockets of Spanish people. We found a few new investigators that I hope will be really good and a good part member family so we'll see how that goes this week. It's starting to get pretty cold here. The fall definitely started a couple weeks ago but it’s not too bad. Usually in the 60's during the day, but the wind stinks. I don’t need snow boots at all or anything really. Please send me my grey jeans in a bit if you can because the jeans I have are getting tight ha-ha. Not too much is going on new.Conference was freaking amazing. I don’t know why but I was so pumped for conference this year. Probably has something to do with me being on a mission but, I don’t know? Saturday morning session was awesome. They spoke about love and the spirit. We need to always ask for the spirit and listen to its promptings. Elder Bednar spoke about expressing more love to others and letting them know it. So, I love you all. It's amazing how much love the apostles and leaders of the church have and they are definitely guided solely by the spirit. The priesthood session was sooo good. Ballard started off by talking about the relationship between father and son. I’m so appreciative of having the best father who is a perfect example to me. I learned a lot of how I can be a better son and a future father. The one that I think was directed towards me was the prophet’s talk in priesthood. Guess what he spoke about, Anger ha-ha, it was sooo beautiful. Anger doesn’t solve anything but it destroys everything, It’s so true. Anger is a lack of self control and is not of God. Contention is of the devil. I like the Joseph Smith translation that Peter said, in the book of Acts that says, can we be angry and not sin? man I felt like piece of crap. I need to do a lot of repenting then. The prophet spoke with such power but in such a loving way. He made you want to change by using the power of the spirit and testifying of the truth of what he spoke. My favorite talk of all conference has to be the one by Holland. It was So Powerful. He never seizes to amaze me when he speaks. He destroyed people that say anything false about the Book of Mormon. I like how He asked if Joseph Smith and his brethren blasphemed God before their death in cartage? Would they give up their lives for a fictitious book? Would they leave their wives widowed and have their children’s bloody feet walk across frozen rivers? Would they do all this if it wasn’t true? THEY WOULD NOT! That talk was so powerful and strengthened my testimony of the book of Mormon even more. I Enjoyed conference this time more than I ever have for some reason. If you don’t take notes than you don’t get as much out of it. It helped me to learn a lot more by taking notes. I am so pumped up now to go and share the gospel even more. I know that this church is the only true church on the earth and really is directed by living prophet’s seers and revelators. I hope that everyone had the chance to watch all the sessions of conference and am grateful for the blessing of having these leaders on the earth. I always took advantage of it but I guess its time to change who I am. I love the gospel and grateful for it in my life and the great example of my parents and family. Have an awesome week and thanks for everything, love Elder Breinholt

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