Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

This week has been stressful but awesome. It was thanksgiving but to tell you the truth, it was just like any other day ha-ha. We ate at a member’s home on Wednesday night and didn’t eat turkey because the majority of Hispanics don’t like it; they say it’s too dry, so we ate pork shoulder instead. It was good. We went over to a less actives house with the other elders on Thanksgiving Day and ate some spanish rice, beef, and turkey. Oh man it was awesome. We then worked the rest of the day and actually had a lot of lessons. It sounds like you all had fun at the cabin. I’m not gonna lie, it crossed my mind as I was walking around that at that moment everyone was probably riding motorcycles and razors. IT was a little depressing but no I know this is way better. We got to do a little turkey bowl Thursday morning. We played with the missionaries in our zone and a couple members from an English ward. It was all muddy and wet but way fun. The weather was really nice on thanksgiving but then became terrible the rest of the week. I have encountered the devil, the wind here. Sunday we had the baptism of Ashley Garcia. The little 10 year old girl. It went a lot better than I expected. She was really scared before the baptism cuz she’s terrified of water and didn’t want to go under. I told her shut your mouth and let’s do this ha-ha. I didn’t really say that but I wanted to. I had to dunk her twice cuz she resisted the first time and didn’t go all the way under. It was a really spiritual baptism which was great. I was also trying to help get the fireside ready that we had Sunday night. It was a musical of the restoration. The English ward did theirs right before we did ours in Spanish, so I got to see how it worked and make it a little better. It was honestly the most spiritual, short, and powerful fireside I’ve been to. Each missionary went up and read a principle from the restoration pamphlet and then the child prodigy, Elder Call who came from another area to play the piano and sing a song to each principle. I’ve never heard anyone play so well, he’s ridiculous.I was able to explain the apostasy and had to teach it not read it because it one of the most important parts to the restoration. We dimmed all the lights to begin with and turned all of them off in the chapel when I went up to the pulpit to teach tithe apostasy. The only light was on me and I taught the intro to Joseph Smith until the vision and sat down. Then the projector came down and the restoration movie came on and only showed the vision while Elder Call played the piano to it. After a Sister missionary got up and all the lights went on in the room and she taught the book of Mormon and testified of Joseph Smith as the piano was going on in the background. Then I jumped up and Elder Call and I sang praise to the man. We only practiced it once beforehand and it went really well. The fireside lasted about 40 minutes but it was so perfect. We'll probably do it again in a few months so now members know it is awesome and will tell their friends to come the second time. Transfers are next week and I think my companion is going to a car area cuz of his back problems and they will have only 4 Spanish missionaries in our area again because 6 is too much for the number of Spanish people we have in the areas. I will probably stay here for the next transfer and we have some people progressing towards baptism so it will be great. Everything is going awesome and I’m excited for the last week of the transfer. It’s gone by so fast and one more transfer and ill be at my year mark. Its so crazy how fast the time has gone by. The work is great and I love it.
I love you guys and thanks for your support,
Love,Elder Breinholt

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