Monday, November 16, 2009

October 12, 2009

Well I'm mad, I just wrote an entire email and sent it and the computer shut off so it didn’t send. This email is gonna stink cuz I’m too lazy to write a whole other one like I just did, Mom, Sorry it’s so short I just wrote all this. This past week was really interesting. We have been working so hard and having practically no success. I have recently been praying for a miracle for our hard work. My prayers were answered this week. A member brought a friend who is Puerto Rican to conference last week. He loved it and said he will come to church every week. The member lives in our area but the investigator lives in the sister’s area. They were supposed to go teach the guy, his name is Angel, and the member called and said he wants us to teach him, it would be more convenient. So, we went over there and taught a good lesson on the restoration. The guy loved it. We talked about baptism and I’m pretty sure he's going down real soon. He’s so prepared. He came to church and even brought his 9yr old daughter who also loved it. We are meeting again with him tomorrow, hopefully to set a baptismal date. We also have some good investigators that we're gonna visit this week so I’m excited. We had a cool activity Saturday night at the church. Dia de hispanidad. They had dances from each Hispanic country and tons of food from each. It was so amazing. Zone conference was this last week also. We all committed to reach our goal of 800 baptisms, almost double of what were doing now and we are going to hit it or surpass it, no doubt. I’m so excited. The president pumped us all up and read one of my president’s letters to everyone there but didn’t say my name. It was pretty cool, he thanked me after. We also had an awesome district meeting. I gave a talk on love. Every commandment hangs on the principle of love. If missionaries are disobedient, they need more love for God and for the people. I’ve been trying to have more love for everyone and it’s made a big difference. When we pray for love it makes the weaknesses of others insignificant and we aren’t bothered by stupid things. This past week we went to Coney Island, the beach. We played beach volleyball as a zone and my companion and I relearned back flips on the ground ha-ha, mom don’t say anything its ok. This past week something happened. Its just one of those things you can’t write home about, so you'll have to wait a year. It was pretty terrible though, It killed me for a couple days, but I’m good now. We also had a black guy chase us out of a neighborhood. He started yelling in our faces and cussing at us. It was a bad neighborhood and he said we are racist and wanted to kill us. We just ran ha-ha, it was very interesting. I just love New York. An Indian went crazy on us too. It was the craziest week of my mission. Everything is going great. I’m excited for this next week and our investigators. I love you all thanks for everything, Elder Breinholt

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