Monday, November 16, 2009

October 27, 2009

Familia,Well this week was pretty awesome and lots of things happened. We had a lot of lessons and had some good things happen. Angel got baptized yesterday! We got him down baby! We called him last Sunday to schedule an apt but he didn’t answer. We had some time before interviews with president and went over to where Angel works. He works at a huge apartment building and we walked up to the front, and knew we couldn’t get in so we wanted to try to go around back. We were walking away and heard someone yell at us. We turned around and our member was waiving us down with Angel. They work together and just happened to be by the door. They asked if we had time to teach Angel, so we did of course. Angel first asked, “I’m still getting baptized Sunday right?" It was pretty relieving. We had an awesome lesson and then went to interviews with president. They went really well, as always. I love interviews, they always pump me up. President called me Wednesday and asked me if I would train again! I do not want to train again to be honest, but I told him I’d do whatever he wants me to do. I just work here, I don’t make the calls. Training is cool and everything, but I would love a companion who can speak Spanish. It makes everything so much easier, but it'll be a good experience. We found out president added a companionship to our area. We spent Friday morning redesigning the areas for 3 Spanish companionships. I am now getting blinded in, meaning I don’t know the area and will start from scratch. It's going to be a stressful transfer. I also now have 12 people in my district. It'll be awesome. We gave the sisters the best of the 3 areas and then I got the 2nd best and we left the other area which isn’t the best to the new companionship coming in.I received transfer calls last night. Basically the whole zone is staying except for the zone leaders because one of the zone leaders goes back home to Hong Kong. He’s the coolest guy ever by the way. My companion Elder Einerson, who helped with the areas has been here for 4 transfers. This is his first area and was looking forward to leaving. He is staying and going to the crap area! Ha-ha I couldn’t believe it, but its cool cuz we get along great and we'll keep each other from going insane. We workout together pretty hard every night, he was a body builder, so at least I wont get fat. We had to put some beds together this morning and add some new desks and dressers to the house to fit in 2 new Elders. It'll be fun for Halloween though.The baptism was awesome yesterday. Angel is the man. We had our member Julio Vasquez baptize him. It was the coolest experience. He’s kinda a big Puerto Rican guy and so when Julio baptized him he couldn’t lift him back up; Angel fell backwards and nailed his head against the wall so hard. It was so sad but hilarious. He was fine and just laughed but it was interesting.I get my new kid tomorrow and am excited and hoping he is a native. That would be nice. We'll see though. Everything is going well. It'll be a hard week starting with nothing but we'll just talk to everyone we can and I'll be on my knees a whole lot I think ha. I love you all, take care,Elder Breinholt

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