Monday, November 16, 2009

November 2, 2009

Hey,This week I received my new companion, straight from the good old MTC. His name is elder Tyrrell and he’s from Utah. He is completely opposite from my past two companions that had so much energy and were like me in every way. He is not but I guess ill learn a lot and learn a whole lot of the importance of charity and love. He is a great guy and I’m trying to work him hard. He is having a little trouble keeping up. I’m used to walking pretty fast and he isn’t but too bad for him ha-ha. He’s gonna get used to it I guess.We have been searching our new area this week looking for Spanish people. To our surprise we have Spanish people only in Coney Island and nowhere else. It’s going to be difficult but I guess I will get to know the area REALLY well the next few months. I think we will be together for another transfer after this one. It was a hard week with not a whole ton of lessons because there aren’t a whole lot of Hispanics but the lord blessed us. We were walking one night in an area called Brighton beach looking for Spanish apartments and walked passed a sign that sign that said, "room for rent" in Spanish. I totally didn’t realize it was in Spanish and kept on walking. Thanks to my new greeny companion he said hey that sign is in Spanish. I turned around and said; yeah you’re right ha I didn’t notice. We went to the building and knocked on the door. A guy answered and immediately said come in. I was in shock, that doesn’t happen often. Actually that never happens. We went in and taught the restoration to him and his girlfriend he lives with. They were really good and we're going back this week to teach them again. We had a couple other cool experiences this week. We started our mission commitment of 800 baptisms for the year. It’s going to be so awesome. It might take a while before all the mission gets on board. There are still a few missionaries here that shouldn’t be on missions, they just don’t have a desire to do anything but we will hit the goal no matter what. The old culture of the mission is slowly dying and being replaced with awesome missionaries. We confirmed Angel a member of the church yesterday. He is such a good guy. He lives right on the boarder of my area and elder Einerson and his new companion’s area. We flipped a coin to see who gets to teach angel and his wife and kids. Elder Einerson won. It stinks but whatever, there’s tons of people prepared that we are going to find. We had our first district meeting of the transfer. It went really well. We set goals in our district for baptisms. Our zone needs to have 11 baptisms per transfer to hit the 800 goal in the mission. There are 16 missionaries in our zone and 12 in my district so basically all those need to come from my district. The theme I chose for the transfer is, “The word is Urgency, and the time is now." I chose that because our goal for baptisms in the mission started the 1st of November, yesterday, so we need to start working and changing right now. I shared a few stories from the bible such as David and goliath and how David didn’t merely walk towards goliath or jog, but he ran towards him with faith and conquered. The time was urgent and the time to act was right then. I’m excited for this next year. Its gonna be an awesome year with allot of miracles.We don’t have a whole lot of people to teach right now because we started out with nothing, but we will have some good investigators by the end of the week and keep working hard. This is a challenge for me right now but it’ll all work out for the good. I’ll learn a lot and hopefully become a better missionary.I love you all. Thanks for your support and love,Elder Breinholt

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