Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

Well hello,
The winter has really come. It’s freezing now! It started snowing on us Friday night and has been raining too, but the wind is pretty rough. The week has been awesome but stressful.I heard before transfer calls who will be my next companion starting Tuesday and it has been weighing on me. He’s an Asian and he doesn’t speak Chinese and is coming from that program. He doesn’t speak Spanish too well from what I hear but will be finishing the last 2 transfers of his mission here in Midwood. From all the stories I’ve heard from everyone in the mission that’s called me, he’s probably the most disobedient missionary in the mission and will be junior companion ending his mission. It will not be easy but I guess I’ll take it as a learning experience. There are 4 missionaries that just got here last transfer that are leaving already. One of the zone leaders and I are the only ones staying. Another sign language companionship are coming in to our house with the other ASL Elders so I’m getting kicked out of my room and going in the hall of the workout room. The ASL Elders are there to stay for their whole missions so it makes sense. It will be a very interesting transfer though. We had interviews with president last week and he said he trusts me so he’s putting me with this companion to push him along. Even though I'm not in the mood to do that for another transfer as I just did that last transfer, life goes on.We have been teaching some great people lately and I think will have a baptism in 2 weeks. Not totally sure yet, but he’s the most amazing guy. Has a terrible past in Puerto Rico. He was in gangs, did every terrible thing you can imagine and watched his friends kill many people. He's the most repentant person that there is and wants to be baptized as soon as possible. His wife and daughter are members in Puerto Rico so he knows the church a little. We have a couple other people that are progressing but it’s difficult to get them to church. Most of the Spanish people struggle with the economy and it’s hard to get work being illegal. They work 7 days a week or work for the Jews which mean they work Sundays. Its rough, but the Lord does prepare people. We had the confirmation of Ashley Garcia yesterday which was awesome. I don’t have much time do to the internet conditions today. Everything is going great. I got the package mom, thanks so much, can’t wait to decorate....ha-ha it’ll be fun right? We're still working hard, or at least I'm trying and my companion follows ha-ha but I’m just gonna go into next transfer with a good attitude cuz I know at the end I’ll learn something from it. I love you all and thank you for your support. I hope everyone was able to watch the Christmas devotional yesterday. It was really good. Don’t stress out, just enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Love, Elder Breinholt

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