Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 28, 2009

Hey everyone,This past week I honestly don’t even remember. It went too fast. We played soccer p-day on a full field with goals and tons of people. It was probably the best soccer game on the mission. Tuesday I went on exchanges with an english companionship in my district. It was a long day because the elder I was with is a weird kid and we had a crazy experience. We visited a less active they had from Haiti. Right away he tells us he wants us to take his name off the records of the church. We started to remind him why our church is important and true. I was going through the bible and trying to answer some of his dumb comments for example: he said you can’t add to the bible, therefore the book of Mormon can’t be true. (He has been going to 7th day Adventist church and they told him all this.) I showed I’m in revelations where it says that and also in Deuteronomy. I tried to explain that it is talking about the literal book. Bible means many books. The book of revelations was written by john the revelator and the book of john was written after revelations. SO if what he’s saying is true, then the book of john is added on. People without knowledge, who say things without studying them bothers me a little. We simply tried to help the guy and he couldn’t grasp it. His heart was too cold. He started putting words in our mouths and saying a lot of offensive words. I told him to shut up in a nice way so that I could talk and then bore my testimony. After the other elder did the same. Immediately after the man breaks down and apologizes. He's really confused still but it was upsetting that someone would want to take their name off the records of the church. I had a leaders meeting with all the leaders and president for a few hours. We talked about a lot of changes that need to happen. Ideas were thrown out for 2 1/2 hours but no solutions and no plans to carry them out. It was good but kinda frustrating. I gave a workshop out our combined district meeting on our purpose as missionaries. It went really well. I gave a 30 minute lesson and activity for 2 groups of the missionaries in the zone. It helped me out a lot. We had to let one of our really good investigators go this week. We met with him twice and talked about baptism. He has already received an answer and knows it’s true but just was being weird about baptism and we couldn’t figure it out. We met with him again Saturday morning and told him our purpose. We love him and we have a very important work to do. We are here to baptize him and help him persevere but if he doesn’t want that then we can’t meet with him. He finally told us why he doesn’t want to get baptized. He’s gonna go back to Mexico in a year and doesn’t want to be the only member and fall. We told him to fast and pray about it and get back to us. He is such a good guy and I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to get baptized if he knows its true 100 percent. IT was hard but I’m praying he comes around and this makes him realize he needs to be baptized. Saturday was an interesting day. We had an activity with the missionaries and the english and spanish wards. They changed the location 30 minutes before the activity started so basically nobody showed up. We went around and fearlessed in the park. It’s called Prospect Park, best park in New York, way better than central park. We got stopped by an orthodox Jew and he tried to make us feel stupid. In a few minutes we helped him realize he was wrong and just bore testimony and destroyed him with it ha-ha it was awesome. We decided to not take a break since we had a bbq at the park and walked for the next 6 hours straight and had no success. It was a very long night but I need those days to make the good days even better so it’s ok. Sunday we had some awesome investigators come to church. One of which is named Edgar and said he will get baptized before October ends. He is dating a girl in the ward and is 18. He has met with the missionaries before and didn’t like it. His girlfriend’s mom called us 2 weeks ago to go teach him. We did and had a great lesson. He has been reading and praying. She told the sister missionaries that he loves us and didn’t get baptized the last time cuz he didn’t like the missionaries. One of which is AP but is a serious elder so that’s why. We'll have that baptism here within the next couple of weeks and hopefully some others. My companion is awesome. He likes to be obedient and work hard so it makes everything better. Everything is going great. We actually fearlessed some acidic Jews going to their synagogue last night. It was hilarious. We figured they need to hear the gospel too. everyone is so afraid of them. We got destroyed by a Jewish lady and just started laughing. It’s all good though, maybe we'll have better luck next time. Well thanks for everything and for all your support. Have a great week.
Elder Breinholt

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