Monday, September 28, 2009

September 7, 2009

Hola familia,

Well I hope you're all having fun up at the cabin. This past week wasn't the best week. We were all sick in our pad for the first part of the week. We rested Tuesday morning and then fought through the sickness and worked while the Zone Leaders basically slept all week and bummed it. It’s all good though. We're all better now, it was just some sickness everyone’s been getting around here.Well the week went pretty well besides that. We had an activity Wednesday night at the church with the branch and some investigators and watched the Testaments on the projector. Mauricio came and loved it. We visited him on Saturday again with a recent convert who is awesome and about the same age. He helped us teach the Word of Wisdom and it was rough at first and didn’t think it was bad to once in a while have a beer but it’s just bad to drink excessively. We talked for a while and I bore my testimony as well as I could so that he could feel the spirit testifying of the truthfulness of keeping the word of wisdom. It was cool cuz after that he went silent and said that makes sense. He told us he would come to church Sunday, as he had to in order to get baptized next week. He had work at midnight and we waited in church for him. He never came, and called later and said he got out late. I’m so bummed cuz now I can’t baptize him cuz I think I’m getting transferred next week. Its ok he'll get baptized the week after. We had 4 investigators at church though and some really good people progressing. We are trying to find more people and talk to everyone. We had a lady stop us on the street and ask us to come over which was something new, so we're going over there today, hopefully that goes well. My companion and I are getting along great. I’m gonna miss him and scared to get someone I’m gonna dislike. Missionary work is depressing sometimes, not gonna lie. We work so hard, follow all the rules and sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to but it’s ok because the Lord knows what he's doing. 3 years ago this mission was something you couldn’t believe. Missionaries weren't missionaries. My last president came in and did all the dirty work and turned the mission around. All the useless missionaries are basically cleared out a couple transfers ago. The new mission president is gonna take the mission to a new level. He's excited and turning things around, changing a lot of things. Its gonna be cool to see what happens over the next year and a half. Even though we have hard weeks sometimes its ok, we just have to keep going forward. I got up and bore my testimony at church. The branch is a good branch and has the potential to grow; it’s just that everyone blames each other for not doing stuff instead of just buckling up and doing it themselves. It’s frustrating because the missionaries do everything here and coming from home it’s different, because everyone in the ward would offer to help with everything. I’ve grown pretty close with everyone in the branch.I’m the choir director after church on Sundays. It’s so funny because nobody can stay on tune. They split up into different parts and don’t even know how to sing different parts. We are singing for a district conference in a couple weeks, it'll be interesting. Not too much is new though. Just working as hard as I can and trying to stay positive. I hope you all have a great week and a good labor day. Love Elder Breinholt

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