Monday, September 28, 2009

"he asked me to be DISTRICT LEADER" September 14, 2009

Well familia,

This week was freaking awesome. That’s awesome Cameron is home. Blake, Jeff and Kale are all leaving. Kaitlyn is getting married? That’s so weird I can’t believe it. This past Monday I met with our investigator Andy. I have known him since I came to the mission 6 months ago. He is the boyfriend of a recent convert girl Karla, he is 17 from the Dominican Republic. I have met with him every Monday for the past few months and he has always had so many doubts and it was very frustrating at times, but I learned a lot trying to research answers to his questions. Anyways, this Monday we met up at the church like always with a youth member Josue. We started the lesson by watching a couple of the special witnesses of Christ which brought the spirit. Afterwards we started talking about the atonement. I started pulling out all kinds of scriptures about the atonement of Christ and told him the importance of repentance. I asked him how we fully take on the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. What do we need to do to receive complete forgiveness of our sins? He said we need to be baptized. That was the exact answer I was looking for. Then I opened up all my favorite scriptures on repentance unto baptism. We read all those and I testified that we can only receive the remission of our sins through baptism and making a covenant with God. We have to do our part in order for the atonement to take place in our lives. I then asked, "Andy, what is stopping you from being baptized?" He said after a long pause, "an answer." He told me he really wanted to know if this was the true church. We all testified that the lord would give him an answer. Something hit me hard and said “set a date for baptism”. I explained and testified that the only way to receive an answer is if we ask with real intent which means showing the Lord what you're gonna do if he gives you an answer. Every time a date is set for baptism, the answer comes right away. Our member Josue shared his testimony and shared why Andy needs to be baptized. I then said Andy, will you be baptized this Sunday if you get an answer? I know you will get an answer tomorrow if we set this day. Will you do it? He sat there and during all of this was more serious than he had ever been. The spirit was so strong. He sat for about 5 minutes in complete silence as we waited. Then he said almost in tears, "I'll do it." We met with him a few more times during the week and prepared him for baptism. He did get his answer the very next day like I had promised. All he said was I prayed and I feel really good about it. He had asked me to baptize him because I’m a good friend of his now and yesterday he was baptized. It was the most amazing experience. The difference in Andy was miraculous after he had received a witness of the truth. He had to stop drinking and all of the other things that come along with being a youth in New York, but he has made a promise with the Lord. He shared his testimony after the baptism with all of us there and told us the real answer he got. He said that he used to go to church because of his girlfriend. He said, but recently I have been meeting with the missionaries without her because I really was interested and wanted to know if it was true. He said that when he prayed and asked if it were true his heart started to race and he felt this excitement, happiness that filled his entire body and knew it was true. He didn’t tell his girlfriend he was getting baptized till Saturday night, a night before, it was pretty funny. But, I know that miracles happen. We have worked hard; I have fasted and prayed lately for a miracle. The Lord always pulls through. We have 2 more baptismal commits for the upcoming weeks but I WONT BE IN RIDGEWOOD. Zone leaders told me Wednesday night that I had an interview with president Friday morning. I went to the interview and he asked me to be DISTRICT LEADER! I’m freaking going to MIDWOOD, which is South/Downtown Brooklyn to be district leader. I’m going to live in a 3 story rundown house with 10 elders. It’s a ward not a branch and it’s a huge District. I’m only starting my 5th transfer which will make me the youngest district leader. I was so humbled and am humbled because I’m still so young and now I have so much responsibility and have no idea what to do ha-ha. It'll be a good experience. President Nelson gave me a few compliments that were extremely nice and has a lot of trust and confidence in me. I have to pack all my bags today and leave tomorrow morning. Church was kinda sad yesterday because I had to tell all the members I was leaving. I have grown to love all them. An awesome family threw a BBQ at their house for me Saturday night, it was amazing. I have come close to all the youth here and they all wrote me letters and are we're having another get together tonight. I have made a lot of friends here and it has been great. I hope you have a great week.

I love you all, Elder Breinholt

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