Thursday, September 3, 2009

August 24, 2009

Hola familia,

Como estan? Sounds like you all had a good week. The weather is freakening killing me. I’m used to heat but the humidity is pretty rough. It’s all right though I’ll live I hope. I got the letter from all the missionaries in the ward. Sounds like everyone’s doing good ya? I can’t believe Max and Ali are getting married already that’s nuts! Courtney Casper’s is probably gonna get married soon also. This last week was pretty good. We had someone from the quorum of the seventy come and we had a fireside. Elder Pace from the Seventy. We brought one of our investigators Thursday night, Carolina and stuck a translator on her head and she was good to go. It was a good night. She's gonna stop working on Sundays we think so we can get her wet in the font. Mauricio, quit his job so that he can come to church and we're gonna commit him either today or tomorrow and I think he's good to go. We have a lot of investigators right now that are so ready to be baptized and are being held back by little things. I’m praying that this week we can get rid of those little things and get some people ready for baptism. It was a very interesting week for me. I had one investigator Rosa, the sister of Carolina from Guatemala tell me she wants to marry me. She asked me if I would marry her and take her 4 month old baby in as my own. I just did a few of those awkward laughs and tried to ignore her a few times. I never responded ha-ha. Then after that we started teaching and she starts feeding her baby, yes right in front of us. It was just a wild visit. There’s also this little 8 year old girl in the branch who is the cutest little girl who made me a bracelet with my name on it and wrote me a love letter and gave it to me at church. It was so cute. I’m gonna miss this branch here a lot. I'm so close to everyone here, its gonna be hard. On Friday we had zone conference and Elder Pace talked to us for 3 hours straight. He's a funny guy. He's been a general authority for 26 years or something. He talked about humility. He said we suffer more from an unhealthy self image than a lack of humility. We are denying ourselves the blessings we have already earned because we wallow in our weakness. He talked a lot about the faith to find new people and the power of testimony. We have the ability to have a lot more baptisms in the mission and lots of missionaries wait around for members to help with missionary work instead of going out and finding ourselves and then bringing members in to teach. That’s the way it needs to be done here in New York. His talk was very powerful and pumped us all up.I think our new mission president is gonna change this mission and help make it a lot more successful. He's awesome and he's all about baptizing. I know Elder Oakes and I can get a few baptisms this transfer. We have so many that can do it maybe we just need a little more faith. We fasted last week and saw the blessing from that. Mauricio quit his job and a few of our other investigators are doing great. We just need to do all we can do and the Lord with come through and help us with our goals. The Lord is bound when we do what he says. He is literally tied up to bless us as we do what he says. I'm just trying to be obedient and work hard so I can have success which brings happiness. I love this work and I’m learning a ton about lots of different things. Thanks for everything. By the way I bought a new suit last week ha-ha cuz one of my suits is for handicap people. The crotch goes to my knees and it’s just messed up. It was only 100 for the new one so when you get the chance send me a Benjamin ha-ha thanks a lot I love you guys.

Love Elder Breinholt

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