Monday, September 28, 2009

"The Lord prepares people according to our faith" September 21, 2009

Hola!I am now in Brooklyn and our area is basically all of Brooklyn. It’s huge and we get to walk it all. I think the first whole day we walked for 7 straight hours to see the area. It was nuts. We have some awesome parks and one of the best parks in New York that people say is better than Central Park. It’s called Prospect Park. My companions name is Elder Einerson and he’s from Utah. He's an awesome guy. He is a transfer younger than I and we get along really well. I live with only 8 Elders and they’re all English. There are 10 missionaries in the district, 4 sisters and 6 elders. Our ward starts at 1 on Sundays and it’s only us and a sister missionary couple who are awesome. The ward is sooo much more of a help than my last area but I loved the people in Ridgewood more. We'll see how it goes; there are some really good people here. My whole area is basically Jews! Not just Adam Sandler Jews but Orthodox who looks like they would drive a horse and buggy. They all have huge families and think they’re better than anyone who isn’t a Jew so they’re jerks ha but they really are funny looking people. There aren’t a whole lot of Hispanics, so we have to travel pretty far to find them, when we do they’re from every part of the world. The house we live in his really old but its awesome. We live directly next to the church. We share a whole floor with 2 sign language elders (no they aren't deaf) and the ZL's live up stairs. On the other side of the house are English speaking missionaries. It’s a pretty sweet place, I’ll send some pics. So I was pretty nervous about giving a good district meeting Friday but I think it went well. The focus I came up with is being a living witness of the living Christ. We made a lot of awesome goals and it went really well. We don’t have a whole lot of investigators right now so we have to fearless on the streets and knock a lot of buildings. We have one investigator that has the strongest testimony and is more faithful than most of the members but he works occasionally on Sundays and doesn’t want to get baptized and not be able to come every week. He is looking for a new job and we're praying he finds one. We have another 18 yr old who said he wanted to get baptized last week when we met with him but he didn’t show for church so well see how that goes. Everything’s going good and I think this week is going to go really well. We are working hard and are excited to baptize. The president set a new goal for baptisms for the next year. Right now we are set to hit 470 baptisms for the year. President has fasted prayed and spent a lot of time on a new goal. He has come up with 800 baptisms for the next 12 months. There are 8 million people that live in our mission. It’s pretty sad to see the number of baptisms happening. We are trying to change ourselves and the mission. 30 percent of the missionaries are doing all the work while the other 70 percent are going through the motions. We are trying to get the 70 to do their part and pump them up for this goal.I have fasted and prayed about the goals as president asked us too and I think it will be achievable if we increase our faith and have a desire to baptize. The lord prepares people according to our faith. We need to sanctify ourselves and then we are endowed with power as the scriptures say. That’s why I’m having the district focus on Christ. Through improving our Christ like attributes and becoming more like him we can accomplish anything. It’s gonna be awesome to see what happens.I love you all and appreciate your support. Have a good week!Sounds like you guys struggle with unloading jet skis? I’m sorry about dad but I’m not gonna lie it sounds pretty funny. I just pictured it happening and had to laugh. That’s good that someone came and helped though. What else is new? I hear Robby is changing a little?

Love,Elder Breinholt

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