Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

Hey guys,

Sounds like a lot is going on back home. I can’t believe its spring break already I had no idea. Time is going by so fast its crazy. I thought it was funny how you were saying Cory had to run in 50 degree weather and that’s cold or something? Ha-ha that’s WARM you got to be kidding me. I sweat at fifty degrees now. You guys are all at the cabin now? I’m jealous; the weather here has been terrible! It rained all week and we had the craziest storm I’ve ever been in on Saturday night. Huge 50 foot trees were falling in the road and we still walked around all night. It was funny watching everyone walking around and clinging onto poles ha-ha. The wind was so strong that when my comp and I were crossing the street we started to run cuz a car was coming and as we started to run the wind picked up our feet and we both almost fell flat on our faces.I can’t believe Ashley scow got married. That’s so crazy to me. And then Dusty is thinking about getting engaged? What the heck? What’s going on with this world?This week was so good. We actually had a slow start. I went on exchanges with the American Sign Language missionaries cuz they’re in our zone. I got to go to Manhattan with them because that’s where they have church. It was a lot of fun. We were struggling to get some lessons in the beginning of the week and I was stressing out. We started filling up our days towards the end of the week and had an OUTSTANDING day yesterday at church.We had 7 investigators at church again. I was so shocked that we had all those people at church 2 weeks in a row. It was a long day having to go to 3 hours of Spanish and then 3 hours of English church but it was so awesome. We have this lady who’s in her 50's from Haiti that we’ve been teaching. We went to pick her up for church last week and she brought her 12 yr old grandson. He loved it and was asking me during our lesson with him this week if he could go to church again. He came and we committed him and his grandma for baptism next Sunday so they’re supposed to be going down. It’ll be sweet having those 2 baptisms. We are also teaching these 2 girls from Haiti that speaks perfect English. They weren’t progressing at all at the beginning of the transfer. We thought they liked us more than church but we had such a great lesson with them during the week. We watched the restoration DVD and one of the girls starts taking notes, and she recited the whole story afterwards. She might be the best investigator I’ve had. Their names are Gabriel and Charma. Gabriel is 19 and Charma is 12. They went to church and we went to their house afterwards to eat with them. Charma told us she wanted to go to the ward temple trip for baptisms for the dead April 1st but she was so sad cuz she knows you have to be baptized to be a member and go. She said she was already baptized in another church and knows you can’t be baptized twice. We were so stoked to tell her that that’s true; you can only be baptized one time, but in the true church. We told them we would explain more and how they can go to the temple. I hope they can get baptized as well; it would be such a good transfer. We are also teaching 3 French people that came to church and are working on getting an answer from one of them to see if they’re going to get married so they can both get baptized or split up to get baptized. They want to get baptized so badly, but the lady is iffy on getting married cuz the guy hasn’t always been so faithful, but since meeting with the missionaries he’s changed. They were supposed to tell us what they are going to do yesterday but we didn’t have time to be alone with them and talk.The other French lady is so good and called us last night to make sure we were coming over this week to teach her. I think shell get baptized for sure. The work is awesome right now. It’s never been so good. We had our zone meeting on Friday with everyone and it went well. We are trying to get our zone to step it up; nobody has anyone real great right now except the ASL program. It’ll progress here as long as we have good attitudes. I love you all and thank you for all your support.
Have a great week,
Elder Breinholt

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