Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 5, 2010

Hey everyone,

I can’t believe dusty is engaged!! What the heck? I’m so happy for him though. The ring looks pretty nice as well.Sounds like you all had a great time at the cabin. It must have been nice relaxing in the movie room watching conference. It was a rather dull week but conference definitely was amazing. We started off the week well, teaching a few people on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we had zone leader’s conference which was awesome. We accomplished a lot and also learned a lot. On the way home from ZLC my comp started getting the chills and came down with a fever. We stayed home Wednesday night and all day Thursday as well. I was going crazy ha-ha. I hate staying home and not working so much. I set up 6 chairs going from one room to the other and sat in each chair for a few minutes and then moved to the next chair. I was so bored, you don’t even know. Friday morning we had combined district meeting, it was such a great time. My comp and I led the zone in a great discussion about love, unity, and obedience. Later the district leaders all gave awesome workshops on the standards of excellence for the mission. It was a really spiritual morning. That night we finally went out and visited a couple people. We had a great lesson with Gabrielle and taught her the vision of Lehi and the tree of life. We read it in the book of Mormon and showed visuals of the dream. She understood it perfectly.Saturday was sooo good. I was so excited for general conference. The Saturday sessions were better than the Sunday in my opinion, but they were all so incredible. I loved the talk by Holland about love and lust; He is one of the best speakers. His teaching is always so powerful and touching. The last 3 times he has spoken in conference have been a lot more powerful. I wonder if he was given counsel on being more bold and direct when speaking because his talks are so amazing. The priesthood session was also very spiritual. I remember looking at president Monson during the priesthood session and feeling the witness that he is a true prophet. It was a wonderful experience to look at him and know that he is the God's mouthpiece on the earth to guide his children back to him. I was able to take notes for all the sessions and learned sooo much. I’m excited to go back through my notes so I keep those teachings in my mind at all times. The prophet himself said that priesthood meeting was one of the best he had ever been in, and it truly was for me. On Sunday a couple of our investigators came. Unfortunately not as many as we wanted, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t visit your investigators all week. I wish they all could have felt the testimonies of the special witnesses that we have been given. I wish that everyone could have seen and heard the prophets talk Sunday morning. I am so privileged to have the knowledge that I have. To know that this is the true church. The only true and living church on the whole earth. It’s a blessing to know that God has called men on the earth and given them the authority to direct the church with him. I know that if I follow the teachings that I have heard this past weekend then I will return to the presence of the father and the son. It is most definitely my goal and I pray it is all of yours as well. I hope we can always retain in remembrance the savior’s teachings and act accordingly. I love you all and hope you had the chance to listen to our prophet’s voice.
Have a great week!
Elder Breinholt

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