Thursday, April 15, 2010

February 22, 2010

Well I got the good news just like you all did. I’m gonna be an uncle. I’m so stoked, but I won’t be home to see the baby born or to see Katie get fat. Craig and Kristin better get to it themselves so the little kid has someone to play with ha-ha.I can’t believe Blair jacked his shoulder. How did that happen? Lets just say at least I know how he feels ha-ha I’ve been there a couple times before, it’s so much fun.This last week was pretty normal as the work goes. The office called us Wednesday morning and said they were bringing us a new car in an hour. They showed up an hour later with a 2010 Subaru. It was better than Christmas!We have just been teaching the same investigators and some aren’t doing too well anymore, but we have a couple new investigators who are progressing well.We had our restoration musical again Saturday. I made tickets and fliers a month ago and then set everything up and made programs Saturday morning. We called all the leaders in the ward and told them to call all the members. The English ward went at 5 o'clock on Saturday and only 20-25 people showed up. Unfortunately their’s, wasn’t that great. At 6:30 we started ours in Spanish and we had over 90 people that came. That’s basically everyone that comes to church on Sundays, it was incredible! We all did our parts, I taught the apostasy and sang the last song with the child prodigy Elder Call who came in to play the piano cuz he’s ridiculous. We sang “Praise to the Man” and it went really well. The members loved the fireside. I want to do it when I go home for the ward. After the fireside we had a big Spanish party with dinner and dancing. The bishop said he’s never seen so many people come to an activity in that ward, he was really impressed.In church the next day we had over 120 people which is another HUGE number at church. Lots of people came from the fireside which was lots of actives and less actives. We were able to get a couple member referrals due to people that brought their friends so hopefully we can visit them this week and help them come to church next week.I was able to confirm Melvin a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost during sacrament meeting. It was an amazing experience. He also received the priesthood later on. It was a great day at church. We got a new ward mission correlater a couple weeks ago and he’s so excited about missionary work and is going to help us SOO much. The work is gonna progress so much in this ward, I’m excited to see what happens. The bishop is ridiculous and almost impossible to get along with, all the members dislike him and I am trying really hard to love him. He makes it a little difficult for less actives to come back due to offending lots of people, but we just keep doing what we have to do I guess. This week we get transfer calls, I’m gonna be so mad if president takes my comp or I out of here. I told him to please leave us together at least one more transfer and then he can do what he wants so I guess we'll see what happens. So last night we and the sisters went to a member’s house to eat and have a little family night. There was also another family there, so about 20 people. We ate, and then had a lesson and everyone said they wanted to show us a game called muertito. Which I guess a bad translation to that word is ‘little dead person”. So everyone suggested that my comp and I were the little muertitos. They laid pillows on the floor and told us to lay on our backs. They then covered us with a sheet and about 3 blankets over our heads so we couldn’t see. They then started taking measurements of our bodies. Our hands, arms, head, feet, and leg. We had no idea what was going on and had to pretend like we were dead. They were just yelling out all sorts of measurements and lifted up our legs. All the sudden we felt water go down our whole leg and filled up our pants. They ended up lifting out legs up in the air, and pouring a whole cup of water down our suit pants ha-ha. We couldn’t believe it! We were in shock! I guess the joke was on us last night but it was funny.I hope everything’s great at home. I can’t believe Ashley is getting married, that’s so nuts. Everything’s great out here though, we're having a good time and working hard to build this place up. I’m loving the work and learning more and more everyday. I love the gospel and have learned the importance of it. My testimony of the church is stronger than ever and I just wish others could see how true the gospel is. I really don’t understand how people don’t see it. I love you all and hope you have a great week, Love Elder D. Breinholt

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