Thursday, April 15, 2010

February 16, 2010

2/16/10Hey everyone! Well as you know I didn’t email yesterday due to president’s day and the library being closed so I’m doing it real quick right now during our break. I’m sure mom was wondering why I didn’t email, but don’t worry I’m still alive and everything’s great. That’s cool that the movie I saw being filmed here last summer is coming out, but ill probably never see it. It’s snowing right now which stinks. We got a couple feet of snow last week, and all of it in one day. We didn’t stay inside however like we probably should. We went around and shoveled snow all day for investigators and random people on the street. A couple Elders in a different area called us and told us one of their members were talking to this little old lady at the post office and she would get baptized if we would just show up at her house to shovel her driveway. Hearing this, we flew over to her house and I knocked on the front door, as I had my shovel in my hand. I started speaking in Spanish because I thought she was Spanish but she wasn’t. She didn’t really respond too well and she started thinking I didn’t speak English. She was communicating to me in broken English like I was some little child that didn’t understand. I couldn’t tell her I spoke English cuz I would of broke her heart as she was crying and pointing to her tears and trying to communicate to me as if I were a Spanish person. It was the funniest thing. I felt bad but she was sooo appreciative of the work we did and we handed her off to the English sisters. We had a blast rallying around the good old mission car.Last Thursday we had zone conference with 2 zones and president. It was all about faith. It definitely strengthened my faith and knowledge that we can do anything according to our faith. The big thing in the mission is the 800 baptisms for the year. Doubling last years. It’s been a struggle as we obviously aren’t where we need to be. Its not just gonna change right away, but its going to take time and a lot of change in ourselves. We have progressed a lot though and we will reach our goal by next November. We have been finding some new investigators that are doing awesome. We couldn’t get anyone but Melvin to church which was a bummer but people will come. We have had a few member referrals this past week which is awesome and we're going to meet with those people this week. The members are starting to like us and help us out in the work. On Sunday Melvin was baptized and it was awesome. Elder Kerby my comp baptized him. It was his first baptism on the mission and was a great experience for the both of us. For some reason baptisms are a lot of stress. Between making the programs, assigning everyone to do things and putting everything together, but it’s more than worth it to see someone make a covenant with God to follow him and his son Jesus Christ. Melvin bore his testimony afterwards and like always the spirit had witnessed the importance of baptism. I sang the rainbow song in Spanish at the baptism. It was a last minute thing.Everything is awesome right now. The area is sweet and our pool is getting better and better. We are getting the ward more excited about missionary work as they haven’t seen baptisms for I think 8 months but we're gonna change that here. I love the work and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The island is awesome, and I really don’t want to go back to the city ha-ha. We're just living the dream out here. I love you all and thanks for all your support. I hope you all had a happy valentines day! Love, Elder D Breinholt

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