Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 4, 2009

Well hey everyone!Sounds like the trip was a lot of fun. Everything except the car ride. Mom’s email explained the whole week and made me wish I was there but it’s ok. One more year right? I miss snowmobiling a lot; it’ll be cool to do it next winter. It’s freezing here, Oh man, this week was rough. It snowed a little bit but it’s been dropping in temperature. It was 18 degrees over the weekend and tons of wind which was terrible. It was a little hard walking around for a few hours with these conditions. I don’t have a binni so my ears were about to fall off. I guess ill invest in one of those. I was sick for the first part of the week. So much for the flu shot I got a couple months ago. They don’t work, it’s a fluke. I got really bad body aches, migraines, and chills for a few days but, I’m a lot better now. I tried to go out and work Monday night but was gonna pass out so I came home and got a blessing. I rested Tuesday morning but worked from then on. I feel lazy if I stay home, even if I’m sick. Our best investigator Melvin, the Dominican, can’t get baptized. He started working for Bishop and we thought he only had to work one Sunday, but he has to work every Sunday. Pretty lame to me. I have always heard church and family before everything else. Our bishop has work first and as much as I wanted to tell him how I thought, I can’t. Bishop said he will have to work for a while on Sunday and will have to get baptized in the future. I was pretty upset but got to deal with it. The Puerto Rican, Gomez, says he’s moving to Boston this week cuz his brother in law has work for him and a place to stay for free. He isn’t working here so says he’s going. We have a couple good investigators, but the problem like always is getting people to church. We try, and they say they'll come, but church now starts at 9 which made it worse. Spanish people are sometimes lazy so it’s a little more difficult to get them there now, but the prepared will make their way there. Not too much is new. We're just working and not trying to freeze out here ha-ha. I’m having a lot of fun though and trying to become more like Christ. It’s hard to change but it happens little by little. I get to go to the temple this Friday! I’m so stoked. I haven’t been since last March so I’m ready to go. I’ve been waiting for the year mark temple trip, its gonna be so awesome. Everything is great though and now I have full energy and health again we're gonna kill it this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Elder Breinholt

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