Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 18, 2010

Hey!I’m so jealous you guys are up in the snow and went boarding. That's the hardest part of the winter is being in the cold and not doing the things I normally do but its been more fun here, a different kind of fun ha. I want to see some pictures though; it’s been some time since I got some. I want to see the new cabin, Sounds pretty cool.I survived this week. We had interviews on Tuesday with president, which went very well. He didn’t tell me if I was leaving or anything because he didn’t know yet. He called me Thursday night and told me I would be leaving and I would be going to Brentwood! It’s in Long Island. I’m so stoked. I finally get a car, and it’s the perfect time for that because January-march are the coldest months and I won’t have to suffer anymore ha-ha.I’m also pretty bummed though because I love this ward and the people sooo much. It was so hard saying bye to all them yesterday. They’re all like a family. It’s interesting how different English and Spanish wards are. English wards back home function so well and almost everyone fulfills their callings. The Spanish wards don’t function as well but they have their own positive side. The Spanish wards and branches are always one big family and they love missionaries. I told these 2 old ladies who are sisters that I was leaving and they both started crying and hugging me. Ha-ha it was so cute.My patience has been tested a lot this transfer with my companion. I’m proud to say we never argued or fought. I’ve learned more than ever when to bite my tongue and let stupid things go. It’s been hard but every companion teaches you something important. I also realized that as my companion thinks he’s always right, so do I. Everyone always thinks they’re right all the time so I’ve learned a lot of humility and love. We had an amazing combined district meeting on Friday. The district leaders were in charge of everything and we did workshops and put ideas together. We shared the importance of member work and how to do it. Often times we get taught things and missionaries are expected to know how to do them. We don’t, that’s why we don’t do a lot of things. We did a bunch of practices that brought the spirit really strong. We just sat down with someone we don’t know so well in the zone and talked. One person would try to get to know the other by asking questions and just listening. When the time was right and when they felt they could help the person they would share a scripture or a message that they felt the person needed. Preach my gospel says that if we talk to someone wanting to know who they are and listen, something they say will ALWAYS highlight a principle of the gospel of which you can share more. Often times we go into members homes share a scripture and ask for referrals and it doesn’t work. However, if we go in and talk to them, show love for them and interest in their lives, then share something that will meet their needs, they’ll feel trust in us and will feel the spirit and want to help out missionary work. We are still working with most of the same investigators. Someone I’ve been working with for a while named Jonathon, is from Peru and finally came to church. He loved it! He isn’t married to his girlfriend and they have a kid, but he said next week he's gonna bring her. I told him the next time I come back to the ward I want him to be a member and he said he wants to get baptized real soon. We also have the Dominican Melvin who is still the man. He will get baptized this transfer, when he quits his job cuz he doesn’t need the one where he works on Sundays. He'll get baptized for sure. He’s been living the word of wisdom since we taught him and takes the B.O.M on the train to work with him. He’s the coolest guy I’ve met on my mission and I’m bummed I’m leaving and can’t see his baptism but its all good. As long as he goes down, that’s what matters.Well I know who my new comp. is too. His name is Elder Kerby and his family lives in Tyson’s ward. They moved in like 6 months ago. He’s a good guy; we're pretty close already so it’ll be a fun transfer. I've learned a lot from Elder Lee and ready to take what I’ve learned and help out the ward where I’m going. They have about 70 people at church a week and should have almost double that. I’ve been in the good and bad wards now and will do what I can and put to practice what I’ve learned. I’m gonna have more sisters in my district and I’m not too happy about that ha-ha, but it’s all a learning experience. Being in leadership has made me have different thoughts about a lot of sister missionaries, they cause a lot of drama.I’m bummed to leave the house I’m in and all the guys. It’s been sooo much fun I can’t even tells you. I’ve become best friends with a lot of the guys here. I was able to teach the wife and kids of Angel who I baptized a couple transfers ago. We haven’t been able to teach his wife for the whole transfer but we did last week. The lesson was Amazing! We brought a member and the spirit was so strong it was an awesome lesson. We taught the plan of salvation and I know she will get baptized. She will take some time but I don’t think it’ll be too long. I’m praying that she does get baptized because Angel is one of the most humble loving guys I’ve ever met in my life. He'd give me the only shirt of his back if I asked him for it. Every time we go there he feeds us terrible Puerto Rican food and I want to puke but he is so proud to give it to us and it’s all he has. I always just tell him he should open up a restaurant cuz he’s an awesome chef. It’s not true but he loves it ha-ha. Time is flying, and I’m loving every minute of it here. I’m learning so many things that I never thought I would. The mission has really helped me to become a better person and has changed my views and outlook on a lot of things. The gospel really is true and does bring happiness. Happiness that I didn’t think I could have before the mission. This life is so short and we need to better ourselves while we're here and do all we can to continually learn and progress. Thanks for all you do I love you. Elder Breinholt

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