Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 3, 2009

Well freak!Sounds like Mexico were fun and leave it up to Craig to sink the car ha-ha oh man that’s funny.Well this week went well. It wasn't as great as last week but no complaints, except I have a huge wound on my hand. We had district meeting Friday and we made baleadas afterwards which are basically thick tortillas from Honduras. We were opening cans of beans and they wouldn’t come out. One of the elders had the idea of hitting the top of a can with a knife, puncturing it and then blow and the beans come out. He did and it worked. So I had a 12 inch knife and tried it. You hold the handle and with the other hand bang the top of the handle. It didn’t work the first try so my companion Elder Vargas said hold the handle and I’ll hit it. I held the handle of the knife super tight and he hit the top with both his hands. Problem was, as he came down from hitting he bought my hands along which ran down the entire blade. My hand started gushing blood, it was pretty cool. Luckily we were in the church kitchen and they had first aid so we sprayed it with blood clot spray and wrapped it. It was freaking wide and definitely needed stitches so we later went back to the pad and super glued it shut ha. It worked for a while until the blood underneath pulled off the super glue. I’ve been using butterfly bandages though so it’s all good. Anyways last week was the last week in the transfer. We had two investigators at church. A lady named Carolina from Guatemala who has been twice and she brought her husband this time. I’m praying I can baptize her this transfer cuz I’m STAYING!Thursday night the zone leaders came in and said Elder Haggard, my companion and I had interviews with President Nelson Saturday morning. We had no idea what was going on, but the zone leaders said he has made some decisions about some things and wants to personally interview us. Well we went to the interviews and President told me I’m going to be training this transfer. I’m having a Kid! I’m freaking training a new missionary in the area I was trained in and it’s only the start of my 4th transfer. It’s the youngest anyone has ever heard of for this mission for Spanish Elder. I’m way excited and so nervous. I just want to have success this transfer cuz it makes all the difference if a young missionary has success or not, cuz he can’t think that the mission doesn’t baptize. President told me the importance of training and wants us to baptize. I’ve been fasting and praying that this will be an awesome transfer. I find out who my kid is tomorrow morning. Other than that not much is new. I’m not really ready for this but it will be a good experience. Sounds like you're all having fun. Have a good week.Thanks for everything I love you,Elder Breinholt

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