Monday, August 10, 2009

August 1, 2009

Hey!I can't believe school starts for you guy this week ha-ha bummer. Everyone here still has a month or more but the summer FLEW by its crazy. We haven’t even had too many terrible heat days. It’s humid and stuff but we had more rain than New York has ever had. I couldn’t imagine 115, I think I would die, but the camelback you sent me has saved my life. I started drinking a lot of water and have so much more energy and sleep perfectly. Hook Robby up with some good clothes so he gets some friends in Jr. High ha that kid cracks me up. So who the heck is Sean Toolson marrying? That was fast. I'll talk to my mission president to see, but he won’t know cuz he's new to the mission. His name is President Nelson, he's so awesome. He was CEO of inter mountain health care which is a huge health care company, so he's loaded and knows how to run things. He's changing a lot of things in the future I heard, some of them being awesome. My Spanish is pretty good, I've been working hard so I can understand everything just about and I can say almost everything I want to but I still need to improve a lot of course. One of the New Zone leaders that I live with is awesome. He's the strongest person I’ve ever seen. He played football at Utah State and will go to the NFL. He has the second best world record for bench press next to Matt Liner for quarterbacks. This guy is 230 pure muscle, his workouts in the mornings are insane. So I’m training Corwin (Corey) Oakes! A lot of my friends know him he used to hangout with Taylors sister and Taylor. I met him at EFY 4 years ago and have been friends with him since. He went to Mountain View. I heard he was coming into the mission from a couple people and then president called me to train. He asked the assistants if he knew me when he got to New York and they looked at him like what the heck! You know elder Breinholt?! I asked them the morning of transfers if they knew Elder Oakes and they just started laughing. So he is my kid (Greenie). He's an awesome guy, we get along so good and we're killing it with the work. We had an awesome week, and have a lot of good investigators right now. I moved up the baptismal date for ADRIAN for the 23rd so imp praying he goes down that date. We also have a couple other people that should be getting baptized but one of them Carolina, just got a new job and might be working Sundays. It stinks so bad because she received an answer to her prayers and everything. I had also been teaching this guy Byron who had smoked. He’s in his 20's and his dad told him helps him to stop smoking. We taught him the word of wisdom and he hasn’t smoked in over 15 days. He was doing so good, but then had some friends that have been saying stuff about our church so we're trying to work with him. We were supposed to pick up a few investigators to go to church yesterday but then had to go an hour early for a meeting. We called all our investigators that usually come and they couldn’t come this Sunday. My companion and I went into a room and decided to pray. I said a prayer and just asked that someone would show up to church. We were sitting in sacrament meeting and I looked back and saw some guy that comes to our English class. He stayed for all church. I asked him why he came to church randomly, he said he didn’t have to work and it just popped in his head that he should come to our church so he did. We gave him a book of Mormon and we're gonna teach him this week. It was an awesome experience. My companion and I are alike in everyway which makes it a lot more fun.I’m excited for this transfer. I feel like we're gonna have a lot of success. His Spanish isn't very good but that’s because he's only got 2 months out. I struggled too my first transfer but idk it just depends on how hard you work to learn the language and I worked really hard in the MTC but idk its all good. Tell Cory he doesn’t need to have a girlfriend, just be a player ha-ha jk but that’s cool he broke up with his girlfriend. Everything’s good here, we got a lot of freaking cockroaches, every night I go crazy with the raid but we're gonna get stuff from the office so don’t send anything. I hate cockroaches, they don’t even have purpose in this life, but have a great week, thanks for the email, hope everything goes well this week. By the way, I want the same face wash please. Thanks send lots of pics of everything.I love you, Elder Breinholt

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